Phoenix Cleaning Service, Inc.




Green cleaning provides a healthier work environment for our employees and customers. Using our green cleaning program reduces indoor air pollutants and can help your property in obtaining a LEED certification.

  • Our Green Cleaning program can include all or some of the following:
  • The use of environmentally friendly chemicals.
  • Advanced vacuum filtration systems. Our HEPA vacuums utilize an inner filter bag that is thrown away when full. This gets rid of pollutants and allergens while minimizing dust present in the building.
  • Hot water extraction carpet cleaning with biocide kills any mold or spores that may be present in carpet. Blowers are used to thoroughly dry carpet after cleaning.
  • Focusing on disinfecting touch points such as door handles, water fountains and elevator buttons.
  • Providing touchless dispensers for paper products, soap, and hand sanitizer.
  • Providing recycled paper products. Many times these are no more expensive than what properties are already using.
  • Whatever your needs, we are happy to help implement as few or many green cleaning practices as you want.

While not green in the traditional sense, daytime cleaning has become more popular recently. While it doesn’t work for every property, it can offer significant savings in operating costs and minimize the carbon footprint of a building. As long as tenants don’t mind having janitorial crews working around them, a building can be shut down much earlier and save electricity that would normally be used at night while crews are working. We have found this best suited to regular office space. In medical or dental the volume and flow of patients tends to make it hard to clean areas like exam rooms and restrooms and have them stay clean for the next day.